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the sweet taste of midsommar,

wandering in the garden. 

berries stained fingers.

barefoot, delighted.

Black Currant Tulsi Mint

  • A shrub is an old world way of preserving the harvested abundance of fruit in vinegar. This modern day rendition is a spunky burst of incredible flavour built upon a foundation of mineral-rich, mineral-infused apple cider vinegar.

    The Black Currant is an underappreciated berry. It has a complex, delicious flavour, and the entire plant - berry & leaf is antiviral and traditionally used at first sign of illness, similar to elderberry. It is the star of this shrub, paired with mint & tulsi for a deliciously aromatic flavour profile. This shrub also includes fresh milky oats which are powerfully extracted by the apple cider vinegar. 

    Enjoy it poured over still or bubbly water, or try adding it to mocktails or salad dressings, or straight up! 

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