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the long nights of matrescence, finding your feet

as you fall completely in love.  tend to

the mother becoming.
drink too from the  

deepest well.

Deep Well Tea

  • This blend is meant to be drank through those special early days of postpartum, but continues to be beneficial as your baby grows in the first year. It is intended to replenish, resource, & adequately hydrate you as your draw from the deepest well to nurture and provide for your newborn. It supports uterine recovery, breastmilk production, and your nervous system as you adapt to sleep deprivation & the intensity of new motherhood. Raspberry leaf helps the uterus recover from childbirth. Oatstraw, nettle & rosehip serve to nourish your blood & vitality. Catnip, lemon balm & tulsi pair to offer ease & grace. Fennel promotes lactation & digestion. Motherwort is the true queen of this blend - serving you in your matrescent transformation.

    Suggested to drink 1 - 2 cups daily throughout the weeks & months following birth.

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