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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

each inhale guies you back to source, your origin.

each exhale guides you back to present, your body.

every breathe, is infinite. 

Robust Lung Tea

  • This mild & sweet tasting blend is designed to bring vitality to the lungs during times of acute strain such as recovering from a cold or during smoke exposure. It can also support healing from chronic lung issues.

    It is a balanced and well-rounded blend of lung herbs. Mullein leaf and marshmallow root is the lead pair - both of which help to calm inflammation and irritation in the lungs. Red clover is a relaxing expectorant so will also aid in soothing a dry, irritated cough. Anise & giant hyssop lend both their delicious flavour and their expansive quality to the blend. Thyme and labrador tea round out the blend by being anti-microbial, as well as diaphoretic - helping us reach a deeper, fuller breathe. 

    *Note - this blend is overall demulcent & moistening and is best used in instances of a dry, irritated cough or similar conditions. It is not suitable for use with deep congestion or excess phelgm in the lungs.

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