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the moon captures a glimmer there, in the clear night

sky of your eyes. a little starlight shines

through you - it’s keeper. call it down.  

call it down to the sacred ground

of your chosen womb.

Sacred Ground Tea

  • This juicy blend of herbs is helpful for preparing the sacred ground of your womb for pregnancy & supporting healthy conception. Red clover features prominently as a distinctive herb of fertility - it nourishes the ovaries, fallopian tubes, & helps to gently clear energetic blockages to getting pregnant. Raspberry leaf, nettle, & oatstraw are nourishing & supportive to the womb. Lemon balm & a good dose of rose medicines (hip & flower) support the emotional aspects of trying to conceive. 

    This is a nutritive & cumulative medicine:

    • Drink consistently, 1 - 2 cups daily throughout your cycle.
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