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Kjelti Anderson Held by Her Women's Apothecary
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wildcrafted, homegown small-batch medicines for you & your kin

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This Summer, Health Canada introduced new laws that now force producers of Natural Health Products such as my medicinal tinctures, teas and balms to undergo the same level of licensing as Pharmaceutical Drugs. A site license is required. A license to sell is required. A license for each product is required along with submitting each for review by Health Canada. The license fees alone add up to over $40,000. The process to have each product reviewed pushes this cost even higher for plants who's medicinal properties have been proven since time immemorial. The same medicinal properties that many Pharmaceutical Drugs are derived from. 

Whereas before these laws were introduced, Health Canada could have visited my premises without notice for inspection, forced compliance and fined me $5,000 or more... they can now force compliance without a site visit and fines can reach up to $5 Million per day.

These overreaching laws will destroy the Natural Health Products Industry. In its place, you can expect more Pharmaceutical Companies, more drugs, and less small local producers, less herbal remedies and less choice. This is not a matter of protection, it is a matter of control. I have been ordered by Health Canada to stop selling herbal medicines that I wildcraft by hand with the absolute best quality ingredients, processes, love and intention.


For now, I must abide, but this is just the beginning of a new chapter. Please subscribe below and follow me on instagram to see what happens next!

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be held by her

My confidence as a herbalist comes from my connection to the plants. Really, I am only a conduit for their medicine + their teachings of how to be embodied on Earth; resonant, vibrant, resilient, connected, & at ease. Our story as humans in intimately woven with the plants. This is relational healing; a conversation between plant & person, as old as time itself. I am merely the translator while you learn to understand for yourself what the plants are saying to you.

I’ve always been most drawn to the plants I’m in direct relationship with. Through growing + harvesting the herbs I use in my own practice, I know that any remedy I create comes full circle. Every tea or elixir or remedy redeposits me into the days I've spent with that medicine in its living plant form - the quality of light through the trees, the biophony, & the feeling of my hands reaching into the soil, tenderly caressing the stem, peeling the bark, or plucking the flower.


It’s all there in the remedy - alchemized through my own magic paired with honourable relationship, & good intention to facilitate the potent medicines these plants so generously offer us. 

- Kjelti Anderson

Kjelti Anderson Held by Her Women's Apothecary
Kjelti Anderson Held by Her Women's Apothecary

work with me

let me walk with you awhile.

i'll meet you where you are. we can continue from there.


i want you to feel alive, attuned, connected, & embodied. 

and i can help you find a way from where you are now,

to where you want to be.




I look forward to returning to my one on one practice after a potent & restorative postpartum 
time following the birth of our second child. I will re-open my practice in early summer 2023. 


Kjelti Anderson Held by Her Women's Apothecary
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