Each of these wildcrafted herbals is my truest heart offering to you, as an intermediary between the plants and those who need their medicine.

These remedies meet you where you are, remind you of the wild expanses within you, and accompany you on your journey of womanhood.


be held by her

My confidence as a herbalist comes from my connection to the plants. Really, I am only a conduit for their medicine + their teachings of how to be embodied on Earth; resonant, vibrant, resilient, connected, & at ease.

I’ve always been most drawn to the plants I’m in direct relationship with. Through growing + harvesting the herbs I use in my own practice, I know that any remedy I create comes full circle. Every bottle redeposits me into the days I spent with that medicine in its living plant form - the quality of light through the trees, the biophony, and the feeling of my hands reaching into the soil, tenderly caressing the stem, peeling the bark, or plucking the flower. It’s all there in the remedy, alchemized through honourable relationship + good intention to facilitate the work of these plants to bring healing to us humans.

If I custom craft something for you, I spin all of what I come to know of you + your healing journey back into the medicine - weaving your story in with the story of the plants. This is relational healing; a conversation between plant & person, as old as time itself. I am merely the translator while you learn to understand for yourself what the plants are saying to you.

- Kjelti Anderson

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