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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

show the way to me rose, of my heart

what it knows, of this life

that i've chose, of love

how it flows. 

Prairie Girl Oil

  • Nourishing rosehips, along with tonifying rose petals, lympathic supportive bedstraw flower, antioxidant-rich fireweed, are gently infused into jojoba oil, which is then blended with 2% seabuckthorn pure organic fruit oil - which is highly renowned for it's skin healing virtues.

    This wheat coloured, sweetly-scented all purpose face: breast: belly: body oil is deeply nutritive for your skin yet absorbs easily. It carries the sweet magic of the high prairie summer, to see our skin through the dry, cold winters on the plains.  

    It’s is formulated to have wide ranging topical applications:

    • As your daily go-to face moisturizer.
    • Use it in a jade roller, gua sha, or facial cupping practice.
    • As a pregnant belly oil to nourish the changing skin & prevent stretch marks.
    • For make up removal & cleansing (spritz face with a hydrosol or toner first, apply darling rose oil, then rinse off, reapply as moisturizer).


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