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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

when you are the keeper of starlight,

and the still north to small worlds - 

your compass need orient to,

tending the sacred ground,

of your own becoming

as Mother. 

Steady Mama Elixir

  • This elixir is for mother’s in the throes of the day to day, round the clock physical, emotional, & spiritual work of raising little wonders within a culture that does not support us in this vital work.  We mothers carry alot, and while this elixir does not replace the community support that we deeply need, it does build your personal capacity & stamina to keep on with all the little & big asks of your heart & hands as your nurture the next generation.It soothes & supports your nervous system, helps regulate your hormones & stress response, & nurtures your Motherheart.

    This tasty herbal companion will support you in many ways:   

    • take a dropperful in moments of overwhelm to help you reset.
    • or try drop dosing - 5 drops daily. 
    • add it to your herbal tea to fully decompress after a challenging day.
    • take 1 - 2 dropperfuls daily for the most support during hard seasons.
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