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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

your roots extend down, to an ever present

heartbeat that holds you here - steady.

your gaze expands up, to an endless

sky - dreaming possibility

root. breathe. focus

Earth+Sky Elixir

  • this elixir is a daily tonic for the nervous system. it offers fortitude amidst the immense challenge of living through these unprecented times of uncertainty & expansion. it physically nourishes both the nervous  & endocrine systems to help mitigate harm caused by chronic stress. it helps to expand your capacity so that the day to day doesn’t feel so overwhelming - so you can continue your healing work, answer your highest calling, & continue walking the good road of evolution in this lifetime.

    it’s effect is cumulative & best experienced with regular use over time:

    • the therapuetic dose is 1 - 2 droppersful daily in the morning + evening for cumulative physiological benefit.
    • or try drop dosing - 5 drops daily. 
    • take it before a relaxing bath or walk or movement session.
    • use it in meditation, imagining your roots + wings expanding your physical & spiritual capacity for evolution.
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