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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

when you are the keeper of starlight and the still north

to small worlds, your compass need orient to

 tending to the true north's star

of your own becoming

as Mother. 

Nourished Mama Tea

  • This nutritive blend supports the long term vitality of mothers & helps to replenish some of the daily energy outputs required of you. Enjoyed regularly, it will help support your nervous system, regulate your response to stress, build up your blood, & nurture your Motherheart. It reminds you of the solid ground upon which you stand, & the roots that support you in your ever evolving mother journey.  Think of it as a tonifying, remineralizing, deeply hydrating alternative to water.

    Prepare & enjoy as often as possible, ideally daily. It has a fresh lemony flavour and makes a yummy base for herbal iced tea in the summer, or you can add layer in more flavour such as fresh lemon or ginger for variety.

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