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breathe in - smile at the sun.
breathe out - wiggle your toes.

breathe in - take a dropper.

breathe out - through your nose.

A Gentle Calm Elixir

  • A lovingly crafted remedy to have on hand for your child. Four classic children's herbs come together to create a kind, nurturing ease of high nervous system activation.  Catnip & chamomile both work through the digestive system to relax tension and ease nervous excitation. Linden & lemon balm work broadly through the heart and nervous system to promote calm and ease.

    It can be used for:
    - nervous tummy aches 
    - before sleeping in a new place
    - for long car rides
    - before a big transition
    - during times of upheaval or change
    - day to day if your child is prone to nervousness, overly exciteability, or restless anxiety.

    *A note on alcohol : I use alcohol in all of my tinctures, even those used for children. This is intentional - the alcohol given at any one serving is less than or equivalent to what is consumed in a large overripe banana. Alcohol is a highly effective and shelf stable menstruum. 

    I have used this for my own child either blended into tea or juice from about age 18 months. Now at 4 years, he enjoys taking it directly from the dropper. 


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