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almost there mama. you are coming back

down the mountain to rest.

release,soften, surrender,

once more.

Afterbirth Ease Tincture

  • This blend of herbs will help to ease afterbirth cramping of the uterus, which can become more common with subsequent births. Although completely normal, painful cramping after the birth of the placenta is complete can be aggravating & distracting when you want to be done with strong uterine sensation. This tincture can be taken as often as needed to help soften the edges while still allowing the uterus to contract so you can snuggle your newborn without distraction.

    Following the birth of placenta, or at onset of afterbirth pain:

    • Take 2 dropperfuls & hold in mouth for a few moments, then swallow.
    • Continue taking dropperfuls directly into mouth as needed to manage pain until it subsides.
    • If the flavour is too much, mix half+half with water - hold in mouth if possible, then swallow.


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