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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

meet yourself in the darkness,

let it flow through you.  

this time is for rest,

and the truth.

Dark Moon Elixir

  • This fiery yet delicious, easy to administer elixir helps ease menstrual pain & encourage an efficient bleed. It is specifically formulated for use during your dark moon to lessen cramps, & invite warmth & gentle stimulation into your uterus. Your moon time is a time for rest, reflection, & insights arising from your creative, life-generating womb space. This elixir helps to shift you into a place of reverence & respect of this sacred time every month.

    For best results:

    • Start taking 1 dropperful 2 x daily for the few days before your moon time is due. 
    • Take 2 dropperfuls at onset of pain or discomfort and continue taking dropperfuls as needed to manage pain.

    While this elixir will help make your moontime more easeful, it does not replace the work needed to shift patterns in your system that created period disharmony in the first place.  It will help you tolerate the discomfort without masking the symptom messengers from your uterus. Cramps, excessive, dark, or clotted blood are all signs of imbalance or stagnation that can be healed with a comprehensive approach including herbs, nutrition, inner alchemy, & bodywork.

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