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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

there is always the possibility

of repair. of moving past

the places that feel

stuck, adhered. of 

knowing true




Deep Healing Balm

  • This special formulation is a powerful, penetrating balm specific for the topical regeneration & healing of muscle & connective tissue that has been damaged due to injury or strain. Apply it liberally & often to hasten healing. It pairs well with heat packs & massage.

    It is specific for topical application to hasten repair of:

    • Sprained joints where ligaments are damaged: ankles, wrists, knees, fingers, toes. 
    • Bruising of any kind.
    • Broken or bruised bones that are uncast (such as ribs, tailbone)
    • Perineum recovery following childbirth, as well as any bruising on the newborn from passing through the birth canal.
    • Scars & other tissue adhesions.

    It is also amazing for joint & muscle pain & can help to reduce pain & inflammation over time. Massage it into sore, tired muscles & joints. 

    It should not be applied to broken skin, if you have an injury with broken skin - use the Healing Balm until skin is sealed, then use Deep Healing Balm to repair deeper skin & connective tissue. 


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