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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150


Healing Balm

  • The only balm you really need for day to day life. It is made with the top skin reparative herbs: plantain & calendula - which pair beautifully to promote circulation & cellular regeneration, reduce inflammation & irritation, soothe & protect skin. Add to that the soothing quality of lavender & chamomile for versatile go to balm which lends itself to so many topical uses:

    • For dry, cracked, chapped, chafed, irritated, skin. Can also be used as lip balm.
    • It works great on diaper rash or other infant skin rashes - it is the only thing I've ever used on my infant's skin. 
    • Have it your herbal first aid kit for cuts, scrapes, bee stings, or reactive rashes. 
    • Perfect for postpartum recovery - it can be used on the perineum in the instance of a tear to promote tissue regeneration & healing. 
    • It can be used if your nipples chafe due to breastfeeding - after a feed, squeeze out a bit of breastmilk then allow to dry, then apply this healing balm and let it infuse until baby’s next feed,  wipe off any residue with a soft, warm cloth before baby nurses again. It is completely edible & small residue traces will not harm baby.
    • It can also be used for the c-section incision site. 

    Baby & kid safe 

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