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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

a gentle medicine for our times, a steady rise in

the feeling of living life with a calm,

nourished nervous system.

Milky Oats Tincture

  • Milky Oats is truly a culturally-indicated medicine for living life in these times of overstimulation, chronic stress, and busy-ness. So much so, that it is the only herbal simple (single herb preparation) that I offer in my apothecary. Consider it food for the physical structures of your nervous system. It is a nervine trophorestorative meaning it gradually rebuilds  a depleted nervous system. 

    Milky oats is a cumulative medicine and is best taken in therapeutic doses over time. 

    • SHAKE IT! The sediment in the bottom of the jar is where the most potent medicine resides. 
    • Consistently take 2 dropperfuls 2x daily for a period of 1 month & note changes / improvements.  

    Know your medicines: Milky oats refers to the latex rich milk exuded by the oat plant while the seedhead is developing - this medicine must be preserved in tincture form to be classified as milky oats. Dried oat tops or oatstraw are also beneficial medicines, but they are not the same as milky oats. 

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