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each inhale guides you back to source, your origin.
each exhale guides you back to present, your body.

every breathe, is infinite.

Robust Lung Elixir

  • Robust Lung Elixir is lovingly formulated  to support lung health in instances of acute strain due to illness or environmental irritants (smoke, dust, etc), as well as to aid those who experience chronic respiratory issues.

    The lead herb is wildcrafted Saskatchewan Reishi (ganoderma applanatum or Artist's Conk) which has a strong affinity for the lungs and act as a trophorestorative to aids in the body in repairing lung tissue. Mullein orients the entire formula to the lungs, and is also trophorestorative & strengthening. Elecampane reaches down into the depths of the lungs to clear stagnation (physical & emotional). And this blend is rounded out with giant hyssop which offers a gentle sweet softening, and marshmallow root which lends a bit of moisture to the formula.  

    Suggested use: 1 - 2 dropperfuls 3x daily during acute respiratory strain. For chronic conditions, use 2x daily and consider pairing with Robust Lung Tea, breathing exercises, and other modalities.


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