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sleep to rest. sleep to still. sleep to listen.
sleep to connect. sleep to journey.
sleep to reimagine.

sleep to dream.

Sleep to Dream Elixir

  • Mhmm sleep. So taken for granted when you have it, so desperately sought when it is lacking. Our current modern way of life does not promote healthy sleep - the average person doesn't get enough natural sunlight from sunrise to sunset, and tends to get too much unnatural (blue) light after sundown. Healthy sleep is a holistic endeavour but this elixir does lend itself to the times when despite your best efforts, sleep is still alluding you. 

    I use this elixir regularly during frequent night wakings with baby if I get agitated and find it hard to return to my own slumber. It is a powerful blend of 3 synergistic sleepytime herbs - valerian root, california poppy, and skullcap. A tad of chamomile honey lends a gentle sweetness.

    Suggested use: 1 - 2 dropperfuls as you wind down, or when necessary. 

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