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As an extra thank you, I'll include a free herbal gift with all orders over $150

the sweet taste of midsommar,

full moon. in bloom

barefoot. connected

heart open

Wild Rose Elixir

  • My signature elixir is made of delicate rose petals hand harvested under the full strawberry moon, which are then lovingly crafted into this high frequency distillation carried in local wildflower honey. This intoxicating syrupy elixir brings the gentle soothing medicine of the wild rose to you in a ease to administer pump bottle.

    There are so many ways to bring this sweetness into your life:

    • Straight up into the mouth in times of heartache or contraction 
    • Steeped into your herbal tea
    • Floated on fancy cocktails
    • In lovemaking
    • Ritual & ceremony
    • Mixed with your herbal tinctures to help the medicine go down
    • Drizzled over fruit or blended into whipped cream
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